Adwords Fundamentals

An advertiser should group their campaigns by:

An advertiser should group their campaigns by:

  • type of product or service
  • number of keywords
  • maximum cost-per-click (CPC) bids
  • number of ad groups per campaign

The Correct answer is:

  • type of product or service

Explanation: Organizing your account allows you to better serve the right ads to the right customers, and it allows you to better track the effectiveness of your advertising efforts. When people are searching online and they type a word or phrase, they’re looking for information that’s closely tied to those words. For example, if Eric types digital cameras and he sees an ad for film reels, he probably won’t click the ad.


Let’s say you own an online electronics store and you create a Google Ads account so you can begin to advertise the products that you sell. At the account level you can choose who else you’d like to have access to your Google Ads account and your preferred payment method. The top-most layer of your account might look as follows:

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