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Viewable cost-per-thousand impressions (vCPM):

Viewable cost-per-thousand impressions (vCPM):

  • applies to all ads that appear in Google Search and on the Display Network
  • lets you bid based on AdWords’ projected views of your ad
  • lets you pay only for impressions that become viewable
  • counts an ad as “viewable” when 75% of it is visible on the screen for 5 seconds or more

The Correct Answer is:

  • lets you pay only for impressions that become viewable

Explanation: With viewable CPM, you bid on 1,000 viewable impressions and you pay for impressions that are measured as viewable. An ad is counted as “viewable” when 50 percent of your ad shows on screen for one second or longer for Display ads and two seconds or longer for Video ads.

Viewable CPM lets you bid on the actual value of your ad appearing in a viewable position on a given placement. Keep in mind that using a higher vCPM bid than your CPM bid is usually more effective for winning these more valuable types of impressions.

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