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Your ad can show to a potential customer when your targeted language matches:

Your ad can show to a potential customer when your targeted language matches:

  • the customer’s Google interface language setting
  • the customer’s browser setting
  • the language of websites a user visits most often
  • the customer’s operating system language

The Correct answer is:

  • the customer’s Google interface language setting

Explanation: If you try to communicate with others who don’t speak the same language, you might find it tough to get your message across. Similar to Google Ads, you want your ads to appear for customers who can understand them.

Your ads can appear for customers who use Google products and third-party websites in the languages that your campaign targets. This helps ensure that your ads will appear on sites that are written in the language of the customers you’d like to reach.


Let’s say you sell coffee beans online, and you want to target Spanish-speaking customers. You set up a Google Ads campaign targeted to the Spanish language, with Spanish ads and keywords. As long as your customers’ Google interface language settings are set to Spanish, your coffee ads can show when your Spanish language customers search for your keywords. Keep in mind that if your customers searched in Spanish but their Google interface language settings were set to English, your ads wouldn’t show. That’s why targeting all languages might be helpful.

Keep in mind that targeting all languages isn’t always the best approach. If you have an ad with a word like “hotel” that’s spelled the same in many languages, you shouldn’t target all languages. Otherwise, people, who may not understand the language your ad is written it might still see it.

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